100 SME loans issued in October at funding circle

At funding circle Netherlands, according to mr. Jeroen Broekema, (director of the same company) the milestone of 100 SME loans in one month then finally achieved. And Jeroen expects that this record can already be broken this month (November).

funding circle is a crowdfunding platform on which institutional investors grant loans to SMEs. The platform has been going along for a while. Since 2010, entrepreneurs from the United Kingdom can already go to this platform for loans. In the Netherlands, the company has been active for about 2 years now and it is becoming an increasingly important player and competitor for, for example, Spotcap, where entrepreneurs can easily take out business loans .

100 SME loans worth € 5 million

funding circle Netherlands has provided no less than € 5 million in loans to small and medium-sized businesses in October 2017. In total, 100 business loans were provided. funding circle is an important player, especially in the United Kingdom. The growth figures of the Dutch branch are also not wrong. It seems that the platform in the Netherlands finally shows its potential. How long will it take before the hegemony of the Dutch banks is broken?

Largest crowdfunding platform for entrepreneurs in the Netherlands?

100 SME loans issued in October at Funding Circle Is funding circle the largest platform for crowfunding loans in the Netherlands? In view of the number of business loans that were provided in October, however. SMEs can borrow up to € 250,000 through this platform. In this respect, the platform deviates from traditional banks such as ABN Amro . And it allows institutional investors to provide loans. That means that not every business credit is offered to the crowd.

Only a small Dutch market share

In the Netherlands, funding circle still does not really count. Because with a market share of one percent, the banks do not really have to worry about their monopoly. Nevertheless, the platform is growing rapidly and the financial landscape might just look different in a few years. In fact, a total of no less than 5 million euros was granted in loans in October than in the previous month. And in November, this record is likely to be broken …. Are you an entrepreneur and do you need new assets for your company? At Leningen.nl you can also compare and conclude business loans .