Credit despite enforcement order – problem solutions


If it gets financially tight, then usually right. We are looking for a way out over credit despite an enforcement order.

Because many consumers recognize the risk of debt until very late and take care of this delay.

Tooltip – problem solving possible?

  • If the first is an enforcement order, the credit opportunities are severely limited
  • To make it work anyway, apply for installment credit with additional security
  • The best and easiest solution is a two person loan
  • Check your credit opportunities with just one non-binding application – right now

Chain reaction – act in time

Chain reaction - act in time

The creditors are there but not so delinquent. They forget nothing and are constantly on their debtors turn. At the beginning still with payment reminders and reminders. If nothing happens then the dunning notice and then the enforcement order threaten.

Once it has come this far, it will be very difficult to leave the vicious circle again. Because a dunning notice always brings an entry in the credit bureau with it. All banks and savings banks then know that when borrowing is always looking for a loan despite enforcement order. A task that is not easy and a wish that only a few donors can afford.

What can a loan do despite an enforcement order?

What can a loan do despite an enforcement order?

Actually, everyone should be aware that a credit despite enforcement order is not a really good idea. After all, there are debts that could not be brought under control.

In such a situation to make more debt and to take a credit despite enforcement order, is actually negligent. But there are many consumers who see the credit as the solution to their problems. They want to use the loan to repay the debts that are responsible for the writ of execution and thus also the negative entry in the credit bureau. On the one hand certainly a good approach.

On the other hand, it’s an approach that carries a lot of risk. Because who tackles it correctly, can really make a difference with the credit despite an enforcement order. The prerequisite for this, however, is that a good loan offer is found and the loan is properly hedged. Otherwise, he is just another nail for the coffin, called the debt trap.

Where is there a loan despite an enforcement order?

Where is there a loan despite an enforcement order?

It is probably an open secret that loans with a negative credit bureau are very hard to find. If it is still an enforcement order, which is responsible for the negative credit bureau, reduce the offers again.

But it is not hopeless despite all this. Because a negative credit bureau does not automatically mean that there is no decent income.

It depends on the securities

It depends on the securities

It is important for the prospect to be as secure as possible. He must have a fixed income and additional collateral, so that lending can even be considered. For example, a guarantor would also be a great way to symbolize the lender that you can take care of the loan. As a donor, above all private individuals in question.

Private lenders who work with, for example, credit intermediaries such as Credither. They generate a good return by lending their money and thus increase it.

In order for the return to be safe, investments are only made in projects that do not pose a major risk of default. Therefore, the borrower must do everything possible to make his credit appear in the most positive light despite enforcement order.

Our tip:

Credit is not equal to credit. Especially not if a loan is sought despite the enforcement order. The selection is about finding the cheapest possible loan offer. For this to be given, the effective interest rate must be right.

It includes all the costs associated with the loan. In addition, care should be taken to ensure that there are no pre-payments for the credit intermediation.

Most of these indicate a dubious job of the credit intermediary.