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Who does not want that – a loan without problems. Easy to record and easy to repay. If you believe the advertising, then there is the credit without any problems on every corner. Because in advertising, the inclusion of a loan is always presented as a breeze.

What does the reality look like?

What does the reality look like?

If you look to the right and left of the road, then you can quickly see that for many creditors the situation looks a little different. Although you want a loan without any problems, but have the same in the recording. Mostly due to a poor credit rating, which can only be compensated to a limited extent.

Often then can not be used the regular loan offers. Offers must be used that are associated with a higher interest rate or come from providers that are difficult to express their trust.

So how does it succeed to take out a loan that works without great effort and also brings with the repayment no problems?

The creditworthiness must be right

The creditworthiness must be right

In general, it is the case that banks are happy to lend money. Because they deserve well and therefore have no problem in supporting consumers accordingly. But the support has its limits. Namely, if the prospect does not have a sufficiently good credit rating. The worse the credit rating, the higher the default risk. A risk which of course the banks do not want to take.

Therefore, they are always very critical when a loan is to be taken in difficult conditions. Without a good credit rating, there can be no credit without problems. But what makes a good credit rating?

The creditworthiness of a borrower is formed out of a variety of criteria. In the first place is always the income. Without a fixed income repayment of a loan is hardly possible. In addition, it is looked at which entries the credit bureau has saved. Negative entries point to debt and reduce the credit rating.

Depending on the loan amount and the type of loan, it is then necessary to look at which other criteria must be met. In many cases, a guarantor is required. Or the conclusion of a residual debt insurance or term life insurance. However, such hedges must be determined individually and discussed with the bank.

Credit without problems – the recording

Credit without problems - the recording

Fits the credit rating, the borrowing is also no problems. It is therefore possible to choose the right loan from the wide range of offers. At best, with the help of a comparison, as it shows in a simple way the most lucrative offers.

Our loan calculator only requires a loan amount, the term and the purpose. Based on these few details, the appropriate loan can be found. Upon request, the provider will be connected to the provider by clicking on it, so that completing the application form is also easily possible.

If there are questions about the loan offer, these can be discussed with the lender. A contact is also possible with online loans always by e-mail or by phone. Many banks now even offer a chat feature so that everything can be clarified in live chat.

A good credit rating allows fast borrowing. Depending on the type of loan, this can only take a few minutes or a few days. All loans are marked so that the processing time can be read quite well.