Dave Woods bail bonds -The Real Facts on Bail Bonds

The judicial bonds, belong to the Branch II of the bonds in Mexico. Its main objective is to guarantee compliance with the obligations or responsibilities that result from a judicial process, which may be criminal or non-criminal.

The Real Facts on Bail Bonds

non-criminal judicial bonds

  • Repair of damages: We guarantee the possible payment of the damages that the accused has caused to the offended or offended by the crimes that are imputed, and that are previously accredited and quantified in the criminal process.
  • Labor judgment: We guarantee the fulfillment of the obligations in charge of the bond, derived from the award in a labor trial.
  • Alimony: Upon the occurrence of a divorce, this type of guarantee guarantees the payment of the pension payable by one of the spouses and in favor of the minors or one of the spouses.
  • Labor protection: We guarantee the payment of damages that may be caused to the injured third party, due to the request made by the latter to suspend the execution of the act claimed in civil, administrative or commercial matters, provided that the judicial authority grants said suspension.

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The Criminal Judicial Bonds serve to guarantee the freedom of the people who are subject to a criminal process

criminal judicial bonds

In order to avoid that the defendant who is placed on conditional freedom evades the action of justice. On the other hand, the non-criminal Judicial Bonds have as their main purpose to guarantee that the obligations resulting from any civil controversy where there is damage to the nation, or issues of Amparo and labor lawsuits are met.