Interest-free loan for residents as a stimulus for the placement of solar panels

Borrow money for solar panels

The municipality aims to make Eindhoven more sustainable and would like to see its inhabitants get more energy from solar panels. So there must be more solar panels and Eindhoven has developed a plan for this. A regional plan. Because not all homeowners can just finance the purchase and installation of solar panels, the municipality will donate a total of 15 million euros. Sufficient for thousands of homeowners. They can take out an interest-free loan from the municipality and finance the costs for solar panels. Placing these panels costs an average of € 5000.

Duration of 15 years

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The term of the loan is 15 years maximum. The municipality does not charge interest for the loans. Placing solar panels supplies the households (3000 inhabitants can be helped by a loan) a substantial annual saving of up to 135 euros. With this amount the loan can be repaid on a monthly basis.

Reducing CO² emissions is a priority

The actual goal of the municipality is to reduce CO2 emissions. If 3000 households make use of the loan, then the electricity consumption will decrease by a total of 3%. CO² emissions are thus reduced by no less than 3.8%.

Incidentally, not only residents of Eindhoven can apply for this loan without interest . Indeed, more municipalities participate. The loan will soon also be available in the following places:

• Asten
• Best
• Cranendonck
• Deurne
• Geldrop-Mierlo
• Gemert-Bakel
• Laarbeek
• Nuenen
• Someren
• Son and Breugel
• Valkenswaard and finally Waalre.

Collective purchasing of solar panels

The intention is to work with a provider that must ensure that all solar panels are purchased jointly. The placement will also take place in the same period.