Municipal loan for lower incomes so that a house can be purchased

People with a low income may still be able to buy a house in the municipality of Amsterdam within the foreseeable future. There should be a special loan for everyone with a limited income, according to the Court of Amsterdam Metropolis (RMA). That loan must be provided by the municipality. This can bring the housing market, which is considerably disrupted in Amsterdam, back into balance.

Municipal loan comes instead of starters loan

The RMA advises the municipality of Amsterdam in a report that it issued this week to take quick measures. Many potential home buyers need an extra loan so that they can supplement their maximum mortgage and buy a property. Amsterdam has many residents who can not borrow enough for a house at the bank. According to the Amsterdam Metropolitan Agency, the municipal loan should be provided to low incomes and middle incomes. These households can no longer make use of the start-up loan, since the money is gone for that.

More rental properties for better traffic flow

But according to the RMA, providing a municipal loan to low- and middle-income is not the only measure that the municipality must take. Because the housing market is also out of balance because the flow from social housing is too low. Moreover, people with low incomes still have to wait too long for a social rental home. The RMA therefore proposes to the municipality of Amsterdam to build additional rental housing for this target group .

Rent prices must remain within limits

In addition to providing a municipal loan and building extra social rental housing, the municipality must also ensure that the rents do not increase so fast, according to the RMA.