No more loans for redeeming Turkish conscription

A while ago we wrote about the abolition of loans for Turkish-Dutch agents for the purchase of Turkish conscription. De Telegraaf now writes that the House of Representatives has agreed to a motion (submitted by the PVV) that must ensure that Dutch military personnel (with a Turkish passport) can no longer borrow money from the Ministry of Defense.

Settlement Turkish conscription by soldiers with borrowed money from the job

The House of Representatives urges the Ministry of Defense not to lend any more money to personnel who can pay off their compulsory military service. These are loans with which Turkish-Dutch soldiers purchase their Turkish conscription. The PVV (Party of Freedom) submitted a motion on this to the House of Representatives. A majority of the Dutch parliament supported that motion.

Dutch with Turkish passport must serve in army Turkey

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Dutch people who also hold a Turkish passport, who are obliged to serve as military personnel in the Turkish army. If they fail to comply with this obligation, they are no longer allowed to enter the country. If they do, they can be arrested.

Compulsory purchase costs € 1000

Turks abroad may, however, purchase military service. Dutch agents could, until recently, borrow money from the government. Just like soldiers can do at Defense. However, few used these loans. The purchase of Turkish conscription costs € 1000 .

Thorn in the eye

The House of Representatives had long been a thorn in the eye, the possibility of taking out loans for the purchase of conscription. The PVV filed a similar motion in 2011 against this.