The Brussels region sets up a cheap loan for solar panels

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In Brussels, solar panels are included in the green loan . In this Belgian region, the residents of the capital with a green loan can borrow cheap money from this moment, for example for solar panels and other energy-saving measures.

Cheap money for solar panels for everyone in Brussels

This green loan will apply to all residents of Brussels. So also for the owners who rent their homes and the tenants. In the latter case the landlord must agree. In Belgium, it is currently only possible to borrow more cheaply for energy-saving measures such as the application of insulation, economical ventilation and ‘efficient heating’.

From 1 September 2017, solar panels, solar boilers and heat pumps may now also be eligible for this green loan. The expectation is that many homeowners will make use of this. A maximum has been agreed. For example, in Brussels residents can borrow up to € 25,000 with the green loan. It is striking that in Belgium only 3,000 green loans were granted since 2008.

About green loans in the Netherlands:

Wayne National Forest Solar Panel Construction 3725860708 300x215Wayne National Forest Solar Panel Construction 3725860708 300x215
In the Netherlands we also have the green loan. Unlike the Belgians, Dutch people like to use this. Do you also want to take out a green loan? Then you are usually a bit cheaper than if you would take out a regular loan, such as a personal loan. Loans for a specific loan target are cheaper.

Where in the Netherlands do you take out green loans?

You can take out the green loan in the Netherlands from a known provider, Bank. This lender is again part of the ABN Amro Bank. They only provide loans that allow customers to make their homes more sustainable . You can opt for a green loan with a long or short term. The maximum duration is 15 years. In some cases, the interest you have to pay with a green loan can be deducted from the tax. This is only possible if energy-saving measures have become part of your home …

Why apply for a green loan from Bank?

  • Get money back immediately by saving energy.
  • In certain cases, the borrowing interest from the green loan is deductible.
  • You can opt for a long term. That is not possible with most regular banks.
  • Often slightly lower lending rates than regular loans.
  • The certainty that your loan has been repaid at the end of the term.
  • Also borrowing money for solar panels now possible at Bank.