The personal loan most closed

Are you planning to take out a personal loan? Already in 2014 it became clear that this loan was on the rise. The revolving credit was most often taken out but the number of applications declined.

Most personal loans were taken out in August

In August, however, more personal loans than revolving loans were taken out. It has become the most popular form of loan. This is partly due to historically low interest rates.

A fixed interest rate is favorable with personal loans, right now

Especially with a personal loan it is important that interest rates are low. To take advantage of the current low interest rates , this loan is the most interesting. The personal loan has a fixed interest rate and a fixed term. If you take out this loan now, you will benefit for the remainder of the term of a low interest rate. The interest rate is also historically low in the case of revolving credit. You may now pay a low interest rate, but if the interest rate rises … the interest on the credit will also rise. With a revolving credit, the interest rate is variable.

Current interest rates personal loan August / September

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How much interest do you pay on average for a personal loan in August and early September? We have sorted it out for you. We must mention that the interest rates may vary daily and that it is the minimum interest rate that we have noted below. However, never pay attention to interest rates only when comparisons compare with each other. For example, at ING you may pay a high fixed rate. But the conditions are therefore extra favorable. For example, the loan on death will lapse and you can pay off without penalty. The conditions at cheap providers often leave much to be desired.