What is needed to process a rental bond?

The lease bonds are guarantee instruments that allow the landlord or owner of the property, to be sure that the tenant or tenant will cover the payment of the stipulated monthly rents.

By means of said instrument, the lessor is provided with the legal certainty that the surety will respond in the event of a default in the payment of said rents, so that the latter is not affected.

The main objective of this type of guarantee is to cover unpaid rents, in case the tenant fails to pay them, protecting the interests of the owner.

The lease bonds can be issued for both residential and commercial use, it is necessary that there is a contract where the landlord requests the tenant to issue said instrument, indicating the amount of the monthly rent.

What do I need to know in order to process a rental bond?

What do I need to know in order to process a rental bond?

The cost of this guarantee instrument is established based on the monthly rent amount and its validity is one year.

As an essential requirement, you must leave a real property free of charge or the deposit equivalent to 3 months of rent, these guarantees will be used in case of default.

Once one of the aforementioned guarantees is met, the tenant must gather the necessary documentation, among which is a solvency file in which his / her novel income is reflected (by means of payroll receipts or fees).

The process of the lease bonds takes approximately 3 business days, from the moment the deposit file is integrated with the complete documentation.

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